Join us over the lunch hour as our speakers give their presentations. Please feel free to pack a lunch or bring takeout to enjoy!

Program on December 15, 12 noon

At the AECenter

Buzz Jones will be presenting a Thursday noontime session to discuss his Jazz Tributaries Project that will be premiere at the MT on October 1.  The concert is sponsored, in part, by an ACAC STAR grant. The session would be about the genesis of his jazz suite, Axiom Asunder Redux, and how it is linked with the poetry of Langston Hughes. Please the attachments.

Climate Change: What’s Happening in PA?

Program on January 19, 2023, 12 noon

At the AECenter

Karen Hendricks is an award-winning lifelong journalist who believes she may currently be writing some of the most meaningful stories of her life. For the past year, she’s been researching climate change and how it’s affecting our daily lives here in Pennsylvania. She’s talked with leading experts in a variety of industries and fields to discover climate change stories that are going untold in Pennsylvania—so that she herself could bring them to light. Additionally, she recently completed a college-level climate change journalism course.

Beginning in January of 2023, Karen’s six-part climate change series will begin publishing in TheBurg magazine, an award-winning monthly publication based in Harrisburg. Throughout the year, she will also welcome climate change experts to TheBurg Podcast, which she has hosted and produced since 2020. Additionally, Karen is working on an upcoming feature about climate change for Celebrate Gettysburg magazine. She envisions climate change intersecting with many additional future assignments, across all genres.

At January’s Third Thursday at the ACAC, go behind-the-scenes to learn about climate change impacts, the making of the series, and the building blocks of good journalism. All attendees will receive a copy of the January issue of TheBurg magazine which includes the first piece in Karen’s climate change series.

Karen’s Biography:

Karen Hendricks’ first job in the news business began at the age of 12–as a “newspaper girl” slinging newspapers into driveways from her bike. By the age of 18, her byline was regularly appearing in newspapers throughout her hometown region of Philadelphia. She earned a BA in Communications/Media Studies from Lock Haven University.

She’s based her personal and professional life in Central Pennsylvania since 1990—living and/or working in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Gettysburg (from 1992-2015), and currently—Mechanicsburg. Throughout her journalism career, she’s worked in print, radio and television news. Currently, she’s a freelance magazine writer of 10 years who still loves to dabble in broadcasting, via podcasting and video projects. Over the past two years, her print and podcast work have earned both state and national accolades via 10 journalism awards.

Karen considers her family and three mostly-grown children her brightest, best accomplishments. She’s been married to her college sweetheart for more than 30 years, and they enjoy traveling, hiking and exploring the natural treasures of our national and state parks. She’s also a runner and “foodie” who enjoys cooking and gardening. She’s currently writing her first book, about her experiences running 50 races to benefit 50 causes when she was 50. Coffee is also an essential part of her life.

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Program on March 16, 2023

At the AECenter

Soviet Spies, FDR and the Cold War – In 1995 the FBI and other government agencies declassified records which named hundreds of Soviet agents in the Franklin Roosevelt administration including many in post-war policy-making positions. This talk will name some of those Soviet agents, explain how they were identified, and give examples of how they laid the groundwork which greatly benefited the Soviet Union in the Cold War. Because of the revelations of large scale Soviet penetration of the US during World War II, the history of the Cold War is now being rewritten.