Masked Marvels

An exhibit of student work from the Gettysburg Area High School Art Department

Created during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Despite the need to adapt to online school, hybrid schedules, wearing masks to school, and having limited social interactions, many STUDENTS STILL MADE ART. With all the stresses associated with changing family dynamics, sudden economic occurrences, limited resources, and the inability to travel to inspirational places, STUDENTS FOUND A WAY TO DO WHAT THEY LOVE. Many even garnered prestigious awards. With their art, some told stories. Some found solace, some painted dreams. Some painted nightmares. Some escaped the stress of the pandemic. For some students, COVID DID NOT STOP CREATIVITY. I was proud of so many of my students who found a way to bond and grow together through their art, during this challenging time.

-Amy Thrush Dreves

Art Educator, Gettysburg Area School District

M.Ed Kutztown University

BFA Tyler School of Art of Temple University

Upcoming in Mid-June

Chromaticity: Recent Oil Pastel Paintings by Nancy Rehm

Nancy Rehm is originally from Gettysburg, and now lives in Dallas, PA with her husband, David. She recently retired as a teacher after 31 years, most of them working in the Upper Adams School District. In college, Nancy studied art and theatrical design at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She is a member of the Adams County Arts Council and the Art Efekts Gallery in Pittston.

Although she has worked in many different types of media, oil pastel is her preferred medium because of its direct, tactile quality. She draws with the pastels and uses her fingers to blend them on the paper. This allows her to vary her style and technique in order to express the mood and movement of the specific subject, whether abstract, landscape, or still life.

The current exhibit displays work spanning the last six years and includes a variety of subjects and styles.

“Chromaticity” means “the quality of color.” Vibrant color is the hallmark of the work in the show.