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In January:

Warren Tracy Davis

Peep Show: As in People

Warren Tracy Davis artistic background dates back to taking classes at the Adams County Arts Council and attending Schulers Fine Art Atelier, Baltimore, MD., on scholarship for a year.  Palden Hamilton and Adrienne Stein also mentored him in their studio, and he continued his education at Zolls Art School.

Warren started to paint portraits in 2016. On December 11, 2016 “The Mural of Hope ” a large commissioned work from Asberry United Methodist Church was unveiled in Frederick Maryland. The mural’s focus featured a diverse group of people in the community. With the leftover paint he continued to paint people and become an award winning artist. One of his early paintings is published in The Art of the Portrait Magazine by the American Portrait Society, volume 8 2016.

He became the resident artist in Lancaster’s Roots Country Market Artisan Mill in 2019. Warren says his style of working was inspired by Rembrandt who would paint, grab his work, head to the market, and then make his money for the week.  He has found this method of producing and selling to be effective and gratifying and a great way to keep things fresh for the over 40,000 people who pass by and through his studio/ classroom. He has built a strong social media presence because of his unique and memorable painting style and enjoys meeting and talking with people who stop by his studio especially each Tuesday while they’re on their way to grab Central PA’s produce nearby. He feels fortunate that his expressive style of acrylic paintings opens up the hearts and eyes of many visitors.

Warren says, “In this world, people are starving for a serving of art culture to free themselves from the craziness of their current culture.” Warren describes himself as an emotional painter, with each stroke of paint, trying to press the buttons of others with love and respect. He continues, “When I pick up a brush, my soul sings. The learning in art school resulted in daydreams. The lessons I experience each day has unleashed unlimited creativity for painting, which gives me joy.  I am an emotional painter and with each stroke of paint, I try to press the buttons of others to engage their own truth with love and respect.” Special thanks to Wendy Heiges and Tarryne West and Elaine Bosley.