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In the Reception Hall for the month of September:


Film Photo Collection by Dana Bruinsma

Dana is a self proclaimed Gettysburg Townie. She received her Bachelor’s in Art Education, with focuses in Film Photography, Fine Art, and Graphic Design. She is a full time photographer + owner of EarthMark Photography, owner of WildRoot Collection a resale shop in downtown Gettysburg, and co-founder of local non-profit Waldo’s & Co where she’s volunteered for 9 years in a variety of positions including Barista, Gallery Coordinator, Board Member and is now the main Events + Booking coordinator.

This collection of 35mm film images shot on expired film began as a reaction to working in the wedding photography industry for 8 years. In this series, she plays with imperfect compositions, unnatural tones from a natural world, and creating unrecognizable compositions from something ordinary. These images have been shot through a variety of different prisms. Some are double exposures, sandwich prints, or small pieces of a larger images selected to create an abstraction from reality.

In the Reception Hall for the Month of October:

Show Title: Sprayscapes 

by Gabe Clarke

Artist Bio:

Gabe Clarke is a spray paint artist from Adams County, PA. Educated at York College of Pennsylvania, Gabe graduated in May of 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and a primary focus in painting. While spray paint was not a medium taught in his college courses, Gabe set out to apply the methods and design concepts he had learned to this new medium.  Learning through trial and error, Gabe applied the use of spray paint to the traditional subject matter of landscape. Since graduating in 2018, Gabe has participated in eight different juried or selected exhibitions as well two solo exhibits. He has also had work displayed in both downtown York and Lancaster. Gabe held a studio at the Adams County Arts council from 2019-2020.

Artist Statement:

I have often challenged rules or boundaries throughout my life. My paintings are created with the same intent. Taking conventional subject matter but pushing it to create unconventional pieces is something I have been progressively working on since 2017. Not only do I intentionally break the rules of perspective, I use a variety of nontraditional materials such as the hollow core doors most of my paintings are painted on, spray paint, and house paint. My pieces are meant to test boundaries and find the balance between being slightly awkward while not to a completely uncomfortable point. The works selected for this show depict spaces I have visited in three different towns; York, Gettysburg, Frederick. While walking around these towns I take note of how buildings and spaces interact with each other to create my compositions which is why my work can feel as though the space depicted is viewed from across the street or from the sidewalk. My work is about the process that leads up to it as much as the final product. It is my wish for my audiences to think about the “how” it was created as much as the “why”.