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In the Reception Hall:

Edward Wargo

Although I pursued a career in healthcare, art has always been an
important part of my life. Painting, in particular, has provided a space
into which I become totally absorbed. I feel I leave a part of me in
every painting; as Picasso once said “my inner self is bound in my
I’ve continued as a dedicated student of art history and painting for
the past 40-years. To improve my skills and understanding, I have
studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Delaplaine Art
Center with Mary Pfister and Mark Brockman, as well as Kathy
Mabius in her studio in Summerdale, Pennsylvania. I have
participated in a number of juried and solo exhibitions, recently
receiving an Honorable Mention for a work exhibited at the Hanover
Art Guild.
My style is essentially impressionistic with American and Russian
painters like Paul Strisik, Emile Gruppe, and Isaak Levitan among
those I most admire. While I enjoy the tactile process of painting, my
objective is to convey to the observer a sense of the visceral response I
have to a subject. I continue to evolve my style toward that of the
expressionists who wanted to evoke a feeling about a subject rather
than a photo-like representation. Thus, in addition to the
impressionists, artists like Bonnard, Van Gogh, and Modigliani serve
as inspirations for my art.
My work can currently be viewed at The Mansion House in Fairfield
and on my website, ewargofineart.com.

Edward Wargo
Gettysburg, PA