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In May:

Robyn Jacobs

Mine eyes have drawn thy shape, and thine for me Are windows to my breast, wherethrough the sun Delights to peep, to gaze therein on thee.

Shakespeare, Sonnet 24

I went to art school at Temple University and became interested in drawing my junior year of high school.  I have lived in Littlestown most of my life spending quite a bit of time painting and gardening. I love to bake and cook and compares the blending of baking ingredients to that of the buttery textures of oils.  I prefer working in oils because you can erase mistakes for hours or paint right over them.  Oils also lend themselves to glazing, which I love. I suppose my philosophy about painting is that you can paint what you can’t say.  I use old masterworks as inspiration for my compositions and am drawn to rococo style.

My process is easy. I collect images in a drawer and twice a year I go through them and see what I can’t put down. Same with collages- I take pictures from the drawer, almost all flowers, and make the composition on black poster board with scissors and rubber cement (I like the physicality of doing it by hand) and then I paint from the collage, changing things as I go. Often I use old masterworks as the basis for the composition and if not, I still end up with something rococo. It’s what I like.