We hold First Friday receptions on the first Friday of every month, from 5-7 pm.

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In the Reception Hall for November:

The Links Artists: Evelyn Steen, Pat Koziski, Debbie Westmoreland, Karen Hollerich, Eileen Schwartz, Georgette Gut, Tim Leary, Betsy Dougherty, Marjorie Mulvihill, Sherry Waybright, Wanda Dehan, Bonnie Hampton, Joel Schwartz, Lisa Love, Joe Pekala, Paula Kravits, Dee DeLorenzo, Andrew Muenzfeld

Karen Hollerich is a newcomer to the world of art having only started to explore her creativity upon retirement a few years ago.  She has explored various art forms at the ACAC and other local studios.  Most of her production is in the form of handmade cards, having been inspired by fellow card makers and paper craft artists.  She enjoys incorporating old family photographs on cards for family members as a way to distribute her vast collection of old photographs and to bring smiles and memories to the recipients.  Her creativity continues to expand by mixing color, texture, layering, and different techniques such as tea bag folding, paper braiding, origami, and other unique paper folding arts into her creations. 

Evelyn has always loved art and studied design in college.  She started her art career in 1997 at Harrisburg Art Center in Pennsylvania and continued her studies at the Art School and Galleries of Mechanicsburg where she took classes for over 10 years from artists such as Barbara Buer, Carl Foster, Doris Rise, Earl Blust, Donna Mitchell, Jeannie Swartz, and Yachiyo Beck. She has also taken classes at the Gettysburg Art Center where she is currently a student.  Her favorite mediums are oils and fluid acrylics however she also loves acrylics, pastels and watercolors.  Her painting style is photo-realism, also called super-realism.  Evelyn has continued cultivating her art style and trying new mediums and techniques. “It’s all about finding joy.”

Lisa Love

Artist’s Statement:
I began painting and studying design in the 1980’s, when my children had started school and I was looking for a creative outlet. What began as a casual experiment in watercolor as a method of expression became a lifelong
love of this medium. The water and the pigments combine – sometimes unpredictably – to create a spontaneous beauty, no matter what the subject. In my life and in my art, I seem to always find it a challenge to “go with the flow.” My paintings are inspired by the fluid forms in the beauty of nature around us, as I try to use shape and color to evoke the thought and emotion that I see in the ever-flowing world.

Joe Pekala

Artist’s Statement:

All three items were built by some old guy who has found joy in playing with wood since he retired.

Andrew Muenzfeld

My interest in photography began in the 1970s when I was shooting exclusively in black and white and had my own dark room. Then, following years of family and travel snapshots, I looked to return to a more artistic approach to photography a few years ago. I tend toward landscape photography and I’m always on the lookout for anything that attracts my attention. I am particularly drawn to scenes that are dense with detail and provide an opportunity for one’s eyes to explore beyond that first glance.

Paula Kravits

Through the years, I have created art work of all kinds to keep my 9 grandchildren busy.  I have learned from them and now they are all grown and all are in the arts of some kind themselves,  music, theater, tattoo artists,  music therapy, music production, sculpture artist, body piercing etc. I currently teach classes at home for fun: Valentine cards, Holiday cards, etc.  I have taken many classes at the Arts Center and have enjoyed learning and the creative people I have met.  I have decorated my home and others with my mixed media artwork . Creating art takes me to another place where time is forever and I can dream up ideas anytime at all. I hope to inspire more potential artists to try a class and see what they might be capable of doing.

Wanda Snader Dehan

Artist’s Statement:

I began drawing and painting as an antidote to law school. I enjoyed the creative outlet and after graduating began taking art classes using varied media. Today, in retirement, I primarily use pastel but also play with acrylics, gouache and mixed media. I frequently paint landscapes but have also tried portraits of both people and pets as well as still lifes. I sign my paintings with my “brush” name of W. Snader.