Tips for Sewing Throw Cushions, Wednesday, February 22, 6-8:30 p.m.

Learn the basics of sewing covers for throw cushions in this beginner level sewing class with some helpful advanced tips thrown in. Basic knowledge of using a sewing machine is required. Instruction will include laying out and cutting fabric, edge and decorative treatment options,  tips for using different kinds of fabrics, zippers and hand-sewn closures. Watch examples and demos, then spend time working with the fabrics you bring to class. You will provided with a 16”x16” pillow insert, bulk zipper chain and pulls, and welt cord.  Please bring a minimum of 1/2yard of fabric for each cover you’d like to work on.  We suggest being prepared to work on several practice examples.  John Lansing, Rosebud House, $60 ($65) maximum of 6 students