Make a Gingerbread Cottage or Church, Thursdays, November 4, 11, 6-8 p.m. maximum of 8

Learn how to make your own magical gingerbread cottage or church from start to finish from award winning artist and instructor, Sarah Dutton.  You will learn how to make and cut the dough, create your house of choice, decorate with royal icing, basic piping tips and complete your house in time to enjoy for the holidays, or enter our Gingerbread House Celebration event.  Take home a dozen cookies too! $54 ($59)

Your Instructor, Sarah Dutton, will provide 2 template options: a cottage or a church, and either can be done with candy windows or without. All students get printed instructions, will practice on making/baking the dough, making/coloring/decorating with royal icing, basic piping tips/ bags, a dozen cookies to take home (at least) and a completed gingerbread house