Classic Drawing, Wednesdays, January 19-February 16, 6-8 p.m.

Have you always wanted to learn to draw but didn’t know where to begin? Working in graphite is the most forgiving medium with which to begin your drawing journey. Your Instructor will guide you through the fundamentals of drawing by breaking simple still life subjects into basic shapes, and explaining how the elements of art, line, shape and value can be used to help create drawings in a realistic style. This class is for beginners, or those who have drawing experience, but want to refresh their skills in drawing.  Materials list provided.  Jodie Schmidt,  $90/$100

Course Goals

Apply the Elements of Art, which include:

  • Line: Use and identify different types of line, such as cross contour.
  • Shape and Form: Recognize the differences between shape and form, such as circles and spheres.
  • Value: Incorporate the full scale of lights and darks in your paintings, using a variety of pencils and a value scale.
  • Texture: Learn how to use various shading techniques, such as burnishing to create texture in your final project.
  • These elements will be used to compose a realistic drawing style as a final project.