Bloom with Grace Virtual Pastels Workshop, Monday, January 23, 9-3:30 p.m.

(half hour break for lunch)

We have designed the perfect 1 day workshop to discover the beauty of soft pastels.  World renowned Pastel Artist and Instructor, Stephanie Clark will take you on an exploration of soft pastel art with the focus on bright, loose florals. She will demonstrate her painting method from start to finish; applying her pastels with freedom and thoughtfulness. You will be painting from life as well as using photos as a reference and the group will discuss the differences. You will produce your own works, as well as learn from instructor demos. The goal is to gain confidence, knowledge and skills in order to keep practicing at home.  Stephie wants each workshop participant to grow in experience and apply skills that are relevant for your own artistic voice. Suited for beginners and intermediate students.  Materials list provided.  Stephanie Clark, $108 ($118)