House #1 Santa’s Village – Lisa and Ellie Cadigan

This beautiful village has buildings complete with a praline roof and a pecan walkway.

House #2 Chicken Scratch 101 – Redbud House (John and Rose Lansing)

The hen house you see here is surrounded by Rice Krispie chicks and shredded wheat hay bales. Around the back, you’ll see a fox peering inside for a snack!

#3 Christmas Greenhouse – Melissa Jacoby Thomas

This snowy scene includes the gingerbread greenhouse, a pond with water, a snowman, and pine trees. And no holiday greenhouse would be complete without pointsettas!

#4 Country Church – Lois Steinour and Mike Wetzel

This impressive display used melted candy canes for windows and fruit rollup décor. Look closely for the boot prints and snow angel on the ground!

#5 Team Winzeler – Joanne Myers, Jane Winzeler, Oona Winzeler

This construction was modeled using gummy fruit tape, chocolate Necco, a fence made of pretzel, and hazelnut logs.

#6 The Georgian House – Thomas McCullough

This home boasts a Cinnamon Toast Crunch roof, pretzel stick columns, and beautiful trim made with Skittles, Nerds, Whoppers, and licorice.

#7 Strawberry Hill – Team members: Anne Gageby, Tambi Drees, Savanah Stahl, and Dan Brannen

The Strawberry Hill Log Cabin sits atop a hickory cutting board in the shape of PA and showcases the pond and new firepit. Most importantly, the group had so much fun making the house!

#8 Candy’s Corner – Heather Lawyer and John Achstetter

This ski chalet uses candy cane Hershey Kisses, chocolate covered coffee beans, and Necco wafers. You’ll also see a group of gingerbread men having a ball with a snowball fight!

#9 Rustic Cabin – Michelle and Paul Sneath

This cozy cabin was constructed using wheat thins, pretzels and Tootsie Rolls for the fence, and window glass made with melted Lifesavers.

#10 Christmas Joy – Katie Langville and Friends

This sweet masterpiece was created by the children of three families, each with their own vision to bring to the house. This creation uses the most types of candy and is complete with a choo-choo train on a track!

#11 The Wild Life – Kalai Wherley

A house is different for many different creatures, and this cave is home to a family of wolves. The realistic scene was created using Rice Krispies, coconut, and a pastillage (sugar paste) process for the rocks and boulders.

#12 Pine Tree Station – Sarah Dutton

For our holiday movie buffs, this is an exact replica of the Pine Tree Station from White Christmas. Pay close attention to the mini marshmallow smoke coming from the station’s chimneys!

#13 Holiday Cottage – Abigail Dutton

This extra-sweet home utilizes chocolate and candy-colored sunflower seeds, as well as a roof made with chocolate wafers.

#14 Neuschwanstein Castle – Fairfield German Club

This house was inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. The class’ teacher, Frau Cline, is from Germany, and she wanted to bring little pieces of home to this masterpiece. This castle, with it’s many turrets, belongs in medieval ages.

#15 Halloween Town – Rebecca Abell

Halloween Town is a twisted scene based off of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. This gingerbread house is so scary, even the Grinch would be scared to enter!