Much of our lives involves the tension between control and chance. We strive to determine outcomes, but life throws the unexpected at us. The clay monoprint medium mirrors this uncertainty.

The art of the clay monoprint is based on a tradition where new works literally build on the prior; the artist designs each original print upon the remnants of the prints before. Clay monoprint artists know that random elements of the past prints will merge randomly; the artist shapes the work but never has complete control, much as life itself. With this in mind, the medium and artist focus on process over product.

Pennsylvanian Mitch Lyons, the creator of the clay monoprint medium and techniques, passed away in early 2018. I was fortunate to learn technical methods from Mitch before his passing in early 2018, and now feel passionate about helping to share his unique art form both through creating works and teaching others.

–  Andy Smith